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ASC Feed Standard Framework

by Contact on November 22, 2023

Welcome to the

ASC Feed Certification Programme online

This interactive tool contains the documentation that you need to guide your feed mill to ASC certification.

It’s time to Feed Responsibly

ASC’s Feed Standard tackles one of the biggest potential impacts of aquaculture – the production and supply of feed. It does this by making sure:

  • Every feed ingredient is risk assessed for impacts
  • Best practices in feed supply chains are recognised

When your feed mill gets ASC certified, you’re helping to meet the growing global demand for more responsible feed.

Dive into your ASC Feed Standard documentation…

How to use the ASC Programme Centre for Feed


Filter the framework documents depending on feed mill operation type: Segregation or Mass Balance.


Select a framework document to view from the menu or use the quick links above.


Use the dropdown on the left side of the page to quickly navigate through different sections.


Footnotes will appear as a pop-up on screen when clicked.


Click an icon in the menu bar to move between different framework documents.


To get started, head to the Feed Standard document in the top navigation.

Help and support

If you encounter any issues or have questions about using the ASC Programme Centre for Feed, please fill in the form below.

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Why get certified?

Ensure market access
Continue being a supplier of current and future ASC certified farms

Drive change
Across the industry and protect against negative impacts of sourcing feed.

Demonstrate you care
Commitment to positive environmental and social change in seafood farming.

Meet demand
For responsible feed and responsibly farmed fish.

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